ShoeSize.Me is a Swiss technology company.
Our mission is to build the data backbone for the footwear industry.

We have offices in Olten, Switzerland and Barcelona, Spain.

  • Timo Steitz
    CEO & Founder
  • David Moore
    Chief Operating Officer
  • Alberto Lopez
    Chief Data Officer
  • Paul Davis
    Chief Commercial Officer
  • Matthew Bartons
    Key Account Manager
  • Fernanda Camargo
    Onboarding Specialist
  • Long Lin
    Technical Support
  • Marcela Castro
    Senior Data Engineer
  • Markus Düblin
  • Ettore Weilenmann
    Chairman & Founder
  • Wilhelm Steitz
    CFO & Founder
  • Claudia Neuenschwader
    Advisory Board
  • Balz Roth
    Advisory Board
  • Biagio Zoccolillo
    Advisory Board
  • Alexander Wyss
    Full Stack Developer
  • Federico Crivellaro
    Full Stack Developer
  • Juan Silva
    Data Management
  • Manel Garcia
    Data Management
  • Lilian Cho
    Data Management
  • Vinh
  • Jozef